“We provided 48 hours notice to the ROHM team to take over a hotel and they delivered with flying colors. Thank you, you are definitely our first choice when it comes to a management partner”

Community Bank


“The knowledge and industry intelligence ROHM brings to the table is very valuable. We utilize their consulting services to complement our own due diligence. It gives us the confidence we need to continue to expand our portfolio.”

Multi-Property Owner


“The guys at ROHM Group truly understand cash flow management, they run our hotel like it was their own.”



“The attention to detail and timely response is critical for us since we are a publicly reporting bank. The ROHM team delivers which makes our life and schedule more manageable.”



“The access we have to the executive team is the best we have ever experienced. My phone calls and emails are responded to within hours if not immediately. Hiring the bigger management companies is not always better, we’ve been there and between the aggregious a la carte charges every month and waiting days for a response, we learned our lesson. it’s refreshing to experience the ROHM team, they’ve got the right formula figured out.”