What We Do

Led by a team that has over 60 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, ROHM is proficient and savvy in providing services that will maximize cash flow and return on investment for all investors and for any property. Our breadth of services spans:

-   Existing property takeover
-   Management of distressed and foreclosed properties
-   Hotel receivership services
-   Brand conversions (evaluation, planning and implementation)
-   New hotel pre-opening and ramp-up
-   Premium brand management
-   Established Franchise Relations with many select and limited service franchisors
-   Consulting-Tailored to the Specific Needs of the client
-   Acquisitions/Disposition of Assets

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Operations and Management


Our balanced scorecard process tracks, measures and guides consistent performance results in key areas that drive long-term success and maximize long-term value enhancement. Our comprehensive operations/management services include:

-   Labor and operating expense control
-   Smart hiring practices
-   Human resource expertise - payroll and benefit administration
-   Guest satisfaction and quality controls
-   Preventative maintenance and engineering
-   Capital planning
-   Procurement – operational, capital and PIP and new construction
-   Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management and E-commerce
-   Fiscal management
-   Experts in managing franchise requirements

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Sales and Marketing

We tailor each sales, marketing, and public relations program to each property's unique set of needs — no two properties are alike and we understand and appreciate that. Our thorough sales and marketing prowess spans:

-  Direct Sales Training and strategic deployment
-   Revenue management/optimization
-   Internal lead referral program/cross selling
-   E-Commerce optimization
-   Market analysis and research
-   Targeted sales and marketing planning and implementation
-   Maximizing and managing brand affiliation to fullest potential
-   Benchmarking and monitoring key result areas
-   Social Media strategies and implementation
-   Website optimization (SEO/organic search ranking and site capabilities
-   Marketing and advertising support

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Annual operating budgets, financial statements and other essential reports are customized for each property and prepared by our team of experienced associates. We take pride in working close to our partners, associates, and investors to maximize each property's potential. Our comprehensive accounting services include:

-   Streamlined financial reporting
-   Efficient cash management
-   Cash-driven performance indicators
-   Centralized accounting and cost control systems
-   Efficient budgeting and forecasting
-   Strategic recapitalization
-   Property accounting audits
-   Loss prevention reviews

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With over 60 combined years of experience to help guide you in today's uncharted economic landscape, you'll have access to our dedicated team every step of the way.

The hotel industry is in the process of recovering from the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, a process that is likely to take several years. ROHM Group has a long track-record of helping distressed hotels recover. For owners who are trying to preserve their equity and return their property to profitability, we offer the seasoned expertise to turn around troubled assets, including:

  • Acting as receiver for lending institutions
  • We are open to limited term management contracts to give owners maximum flexibility.
  • ROHM Group is able to take over management within five days in most situations
  • Acquisition
  • Pre-opening consulting
  • Development
  • Feasibility review and analysis
  • Brand analysis
  • Repositioning

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Asset Management

While today's economic landscape is uncertain and unprecedented, it's certainly not impossible to navigate. Our team, combined with our history, bring stability and consistency to the forefront. Here's how we can help you manage your asset and deliver optimum value on your investment:

  • Long Term Capital Planning
  • Insurance Procurement, Compliance, & Oversight of Claims Management.
  • Property Tax Administration
  • Lease Management (Ground & Space Lease Negotiations & Oversight)
  • Property Finance/Refinancing
  • Renovation - Planning and Implementation
  • Portfolio Management

The guys at ROHM Group truly understand cash flow management, they run our hotel like it was there own.